5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade CoffeeWhat if your morning cup of Joe not only helped you wake up for work but also supplied a farmer across the world with the capital he needed to support his family and grow his business? By purchasing Fair Trade Coffee, you are supporting the farmers that make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite morning beverage. Read on to learn more about Fair Trade Coffee and where you can enjoy a cup right here in Hawley, PA.

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

Fair Trade Coffee is certified by Fairtrade International. In order to be eligible to be listed as a fair trade coffee, the price paid to the farmers must exceed the cost to the growers as well as guarantee a minimum price. This was put into place to prevent farmers from falling into poverty and supply smaller farms with the capital they need to keep their land and invest to grow their business. Some farmers make $2 a day, which falls below the United Nations poverty line.

  1.       Fair Trade Farmers Market Their Own Product

Through long-term contracts with international buyers, farmers of Fair Trade Coffee will learn how to better manage their own businesses and eventually compete in the global market.

  1.       Fair Trade Helps Farmers Better Their Families’ Lives

Not only does the Fair Trade certification bring farmers above the national poverty line, but it also provides them with enough income to advance their business. The well-deserved income can go toward additional education and reinvestments to not only make the farmers’ families healthier, but also the environment around them.

  1.       Fair Trade Promotes a Sustainable Lifestyle for Farmers

Instead of just aiding poverty-stricken farmers, Fair Trade gives the farmers an opportunity to make their own lives sustainable. This sustainable model benefits everyone from producers to consumers to the industry and the planet.

  1.       Companies Have to Apply for Usage of the Fair Trade Logo

There are two main ways that a company can register itself as a Fair Trade company. The company either has to source their product from an already registered Fair Trade group of farmers or suppliers, or they can register their existing supply chain with Fair Trade USA.

  1.       There are Associations to Educate Farmers on Coffee Growth

Associations such as Certified Fair Trade, work with farms to educate their growers to produce a better quality product and give them a general education of how Fair Trade sustains the coffee crops and combats poverty.

Supporting Fair Trade Coffee

By supporting Fair Trade businesses, especially coffee, you are ensuring that these poverty-stricken farmers will be able to continue working and farming. With coffee being one of the world’s most popular beverages, the farmers behind that morning cup of Joe deserve to be properly paid for all of their hard work. Next time you are in the mood for a cup of coffee, try a Fair Trade company to support the farmers behind the mug as well as feed your personal coffee addiction all Americans try to deny,

Experience Fair Trade Coffee

With an extensive roasting process, Cocoon Coffee House serves the specialty grade Arabica coffee beans from their partner, a Fair Trade company by the name of Electric City Roasting Company. They are one of only a handful of U.S. micro-roasters that use the high-quality grade Arabica beans. Less than 10% of the coffee sold worldwide is made from these specialty beans, so head on over to Cocoon Coffee House and Bakery right here at the Hawley Silk Mill to not only taste this delicious coffee but also to support Fair Trade companies.

Photo Credit: Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) / Flickr