Learn About the Delaware Highlands Conservancy

Delaware Highlands ConservancyThere’s nothing like a day spent in the great outdoors to renew your outlook on life. Taking a break from your busy life to breathe the fresh air and marvel at Mother Nature’s creations provides a much-needed distraction as well as the opportunity to learn something new and get a little exercise in the process. Since 1994, the Delaware Highlands Conservancy has served to protect more than 14,000 acres of land, preserving the natural heritage of the Upper Delaware region in Pennsylvania and New York.

About the Delaware Highlands Conservancy

The land conservancy got its start in the 1980s when the nonprofit’s founder purchased 12 acres on the Upper Delaware River. Since then, more than 70 landowners and communities have dedicated land to the Delaware Highlands Conservancy. The land includes working farms, boggy wetlands, hunting clubs, small fruit orchards, experimental forests, streams and riverbanks.

Events and Initiatives

As the Conservancy seeks to educate residents about the importance of preserving land, as well as to add to the 14,000 acres it currently maintains, the organization has created several events and initiatives with these goals in mind.

Protecting Bald Eagles

One initiative that interests and excites wildlife enthusiasts is the group’s efforts to protect and maintain the natural habitat for bald eagles. By caring for the land and water of the region, eagles and other wildlife will be able to live and thrive in the region.

The Conservancy sponsors several programs (mostly in colder months), including the Eagle Bus Tour and Eagle Day, both of which offer residents and visitors the opportunity to learn about eagles and how they nearly faced extinction! Hop aboard the bus tour for a scenic tour and a guided trek where you’ll look for eagles in their natural habitat. Eagle Day is a free opportunity to learn about these birds of prey through presentations and hands-on activities. Check the Delaware Highlands Conservancy website for additional info on these and other Eagle Watching opportunities!

A few interesting facts about bald eagles from Defenders.org:

  • Bald eagles were endangered. At one time, numbers were as low as 500 nesting pairs in the lower 48 states.
  • Bald eagles are between 4 and 5 years old when they finally develop their distinctive white head and tail.
  • Female bald eagles have a wingspan of around 7 feet; males have a wingspan of around 6 feet.
  • Bald Eagles can live 20-30 years.

Hawley, PA, and Conservation

Various businesses in Hawley, PA, strive to exist without leaving much of a footprint. A few include

The Settlers Inn at Bingham Park and Ledges Hotel. These sister properties are both members of the Delaware Highlands Green Lodging Program. With each reservation, their guests directly support protecting the things that make the Delaware Highlands Region so special – our healthy and beautiful lands, our clean waters and our abundant outdoor recreation opportunities.

The Hawley Silk Mill is dedicated to preserving natural resources as well. Solar panels were installed on the roof behind the historic bluestone crenellations to provide a modern, sustainable source of electricity that nods back to the building’s innovative use of hydroelectric power generated from Paupack Falls in the late 1800s.

Photo Credit: Bill_Dally / Thinkstock