3 Reasons to Visit an Emerging Artist Gallery

Emerging artist galleryThere are two sides to buying art from a new artist. As an artist, you’re waiting for your first big break. The time you’ve spent toiling away creating a painting, sculpture or other art form is certainly satisfying when you’re happy with the result. And even more satisfying when someone appreciates your art enough to purchase it and bring it into their home. As an art lover, you have an eye for unique pieces and a passion for finding just the right artwork to add to your collection. The worlds of artist and art collector collide at an emerging artist gallery such as the Looking Glass Art Gallery and Art on the Edge in the Hawley Silk Mill.

How to Experience an Emerging Artist Gallery

The Looking Glass Art Gallery and Art on the Edge are both wonderful emerging artist galleries, as well as places to buy beautiful fine art paintings.

When you’re perusing an art gallery, there are several things you’ll need to keep in mind so you can get enjoy the experience and truly appreciate the art on display.

  1. Have an Open Mind – Approach each piece of art with an open mind. Doing so will allow you observe each piece with a fresh perspective, even if you are familiar with an artist’s work.
  2. View the Art from Different Angles – It’s often a good idea to view a piece of art from a distance and then move in for a closer look from various angles. A piece of art should not be taken at face value. View it slowly, from various points of view so you don’t miss something the artist so carefully crafted.
  3. Consider Your Reaction – Viewing art is a personal experience. In addition to whether you find a piece of art pleasing to the eye, take note of how it also makes you feel. Does it make you happy, sad, does it remind you of a place, time in the past, or of something you want to see, do or feel in the future?

All of these things need to be taken into consideration whether you’re experiencing the work of an emerging or an established artist.

Where to find the Looking Glass Art Gallery and Art on the Edge

For your convenience, the above art galleries are located inside the Hawley Silk Mill in Hawley, PA. You can easily spend an afternoon perusing the art at both galleries. While you’re on the the Silk Mill Campus, you can also fuel up with a cup of coffee at the Cocoon Coffee House before you begin your art excursion and stop in the Mill Market for a light bite to cap of your fun afternoon.


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