Experience Ethiopian Coffee at Cocoon Coffee House

Ethiopian CoffeeThe perfect cup of coffee is a very personal thing. Some coffee drinkers like theirs rich and dark and drink it plain to savor every flavor. Others like to spoon in lots of sugar and pour in cream or seasonal flavoring to make it a sweet treat. Either way, there are a plethora of different coffees grown around the world to taste and enjoy. Ethiopian coffee is one of our favorites and one of the best places in Hawley, PA, to get a fresh cup is Cocoon Coffee House!

What is Different about Ethiopian Coffee?

It’s very interesting to know where your coffee actually comes from. So often, there is much more to the history than you expect. Such is the case with Ethiopian coffee. Did you know that the coffee plant, “Coffea Arabica” was discovered in Ethiopia? In fact, not only did it originate in Ethiopia, it, of course, flourished there and has made the small African country the largest coffee-producing country on the continent, and the seventh largest producer of coffee in the world. The majority of Ethiopian coffee is exported to the European Union, East Asia and North America.

A little closer to home, Cocoon Coffee House features fair trade coffee imported by Electric City Roasting. Their line of Ethiopian coffee includes Gelena Abaya Yirgacheffe, which features a floral, ripe berry aromas, balanced acidity, and a creamy body with a persistent chocolate finish. This full-flavored coffee is perfect for your first cup of the day, as well as an afternoon pick-me-up.

If you have the time and would prefer to enjoy your first cup of coffee of the day at home, you can buy Electric City Roasting’s coffee at the Mill Market in Hawley, as well as purchase it from Electric City’s website.

About the Arabica Plant

A coffee field is a beautiful thing. It’s a distinct site to see the lush evergreen shrubs covering a countryside with their deep green oval leaves protecting and nourishing the coffee that grows beneath them. A coffee plant can take 3-4 years to bear fruit. The fruit, called the coffee cherry, is harvested when it turns a bright red color. From there, the bean is separated from the fruit, dried and milled. The beans, known as “green coffee” at this stage, are ready to be exported. From here, the all-important processes of roasting, grinding and brewing take place in order for coffee lovers around the world to enjoy a cup.

The Best Place for Coffee in Hawley

The Cocoon Coffee House, right here in Hawley, PA., is the go-to place to get a cup of Joe. Located on the Hawley Silk Millcampus, in what used to be a building that housed actual cocoons for silk worms, this historic coffee spot serves up an array of coffee beverages to suit any taste. Brewing only the best fair trade coffee from Electric City Roasters, Cocoon Coffee House is a great place to grab coffee or tea any time of day, as well as fresh-baked items, salads and sandwiches.