Why Shelter Has the Best Interior Design in Hawley, PA

Go to the Shelter for Interior Design in Hawley, PAInterior design has become a very popular industry over the years. Homeowners are looking for more unique and creative ways to make their homestead stand out from the rest, and designers all over the world are on a mission to make these visions a reality. At the Hawley Silk Mill, you’ll find some of the best interior design in Hawley, PA, at Shelter. As the office of the highly-reputed designer, Ethel Schmitt, you’ll be able to view some of her stunning work while shopping for new home decor items. Read on to learn more about our in-house designer and how she can make your home a place you’ll be excited to come back to each day.

Interior Design in Hawley, PA, is just one of the many services you’ll find at Hawley Silk Mill. Visit our historic lifestyle center for a wide range of professional services, shops, and an award-winning fitness center.

Meet Ethel Schmitt

Ethel Schmitt is a residential interior and exterior designer. She specializes in decorating homes starting from blueprint and making each room a beautiful work of art. She’ll bring a chic and mindful presence to your home through a variety of features including:

    • Custom Window Treatments (featuring Hunter Douglas and Kirsch)
    • Interior and Exterior Color
    • Bedding
    • Lighting
    • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Floors
    • Home Decor and Furniture Selection
  • Cabinets in the Kitchen and Bathroom

She also specializes in home staging and will make any home look and feel its very best for potential buyers. If you’re interested in learning more about Ethel Schmitt or hiring her to spruce up your space, you can contact her at 570-493-0570 or send her an email at schmitte@verizon.net.

Shelter Interior Design in Hawley, PA

Shelter is a home decor shop filled with awe-inspiring pieces. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your own home, interested in a complete re-design, or simply shopping for gifts to bring back to your friends and family, Shelter is the place to be!

More Professional Services at Hawley Silk Mill

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Stay and Play at Hawley Silk Mill

Hawley Silk Mill is home to more than just professional services. During your visit, be sure to stay for our exciting lineup of Hawley Silk Mill events, grab a treat at the popular Cocoon Coffeehouse & Bakery or see art from all over the globe at the Looking Glass Art Gallery. We look forward to seeing you soon!