The Ultimate Guide to Fantastic Coffee Roasting

coffee roastingWhile some people wake up in the morning and opt for orange juice, it’s true that most Americans suffer from an incurable coffee addiction. These people usually prefer that delicious, authentic coffee bean taste, accomplished only by freshly roasted coffee. But roasting coffee at home can be a tedious process, requiring an expensive roasting machine and a lot of patience. If you want that same great taste without all the work, stop by the Cocoon Coffee House and Bakery for a cup of freshly brewed coffee made from the finest roasted coffee beans in all of Pennsylvania.

Cocoon Coffee House is located just outside of the Hawley Silk Mill, which is a renovated mill that has been turned into a market full of shops, galleries, and even a full-service gym. But its location is not all that makes Cocoon Coffee House unique. Their special blend of Electric City Roasters Coffee can turn even the biggest tea fanatic into an avid coffee drinker.

Before The Roast

All great creations have to start somewhere, and Cocoon’s coffee is no different. Electric City ensures that every cup of coffee will be exceptional by using Specialty Grade Arabica, which is a high-quality bean used in less than 10% of coffee sold in the world. The coffee is grown under the natural conditions of a forest canopy, is certified organic, and is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides. In addition, Electric City uses certified fair trade practices that work with farms to help educate growers on producing quality coffee, sustaining crops, and lowering poverty. They also insist on selling consumers coffee that is straight from the farmer, and can trace every bag of coffee back to its source. Their ethical standpoint and natural process makes for safe, healthy growing environments, and ultimately, delicious coffee.

Coffee Roasting Process

Electric City believes that coffee roasting is an expertise that has a delicate process, and should always be handled properly. They have six steps to roasting the perfect cup of coffee, which includes the drying cycle (beans turn from green to pale yellow), first crack (beans begin to crack), roast initiation (beans begin to turn brown), pause (roaster must wait before second crack), second crack (beans begin to carbonize), and stopping the roast (cool air stops the roast quickly). Each of these steps plays an integral part in producing the desired characteristics of the coffee, and it takes time to master. But good things come to those who wait, because once accomplished, this roasting process creates a flavorful cup that will warm your senses from the inside out.

Into Your Cup

While the pre-roasting and roasting processes are extremely important in producing a quality cup of joe, Electric City takes their brewing just as seriously. For best results, they recommend brewing their coffee with the proper amount of water, grinding the coffee before brewing for flavor, choosing an appropriate brewing method, using filters that won’t alter taste, and brewing the coffee for the right amount of time. The care that goes into brewing, as well as the steps mentioned in the roasting process, is key to producing the best cup of coffee possible, and is what makes Cocoon Coffee House an institution for java-lovers everywhere.

Try It Yourself!

Now that you know the secrets to roasting an incredible cup of coffee straight from the experts, plan your visit to the Hawley Silk Mill and try a famous cup from Cocoon Coffee House! Paired with a delicious egg quiche or homemade scone, you’ll start your day off the right way with a delicious breakfast that you’ll never forget.

Photo Credit: katjasv / Pixabay