What Are Some of the Best Types of Coffee in the World?

Types of CoffeeWhat type of coffee drinker are you? Are you the kind the kind that doesn’t mind what the coffee tastes like, as long as it’s caffeinated? Or are you a more discerning coffee drinker; one who likes the experience of drinking coffee as much as the effects? For those who fall under the second category, you might be interested in some research we’ve done to discover some of the best types of coffee in the world. If you haven’t had your first cup of the day yet, we’ll wait. We totally understand!

What Are Some of the Best Types of Coffee in the World?

Let’s Start with ‘Where Does it Come From?’

All coffee is grown in what is known as the “coffee belt,” or “bean belt,” which is a region in between Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. This belt stretches from Hawaii to Indonesia, as well as across the Americas, Africa and Euroasia. About 75 countries within this region produce coffee. What Udemy.com tells us is that there are many factors that impact the flavor of coffee in the region in which it is grown: namely soil, rainfall and sunlight. The kicker, however, is altitude. Coffee grown at low altitudes can over-ripen and/or receive too much moisture, which can have a poor effect on taste.

According to Udemy.com, the best types of coffee in the world come from:

North America: Hawaii, Mexico and Jamaica

Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama

South America: Brazil, Columbia

Africa and Middle East: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen

Asia and Indonesia: Java, Sumatra, India

Where to Try Some of the Most Delicious Coffee

Here in Hawley, PA, we are lucky enough to have a great place called the Cocoon Coffee House where we can enjoy some of the most delicious coffee in the world. Cocoon Coffee House prides itself on offering the best types of coffee and serves coffee sourced through and roasted by Electric City Roasting Co. ECR’s mission is to bring in only the highest quality coffees from around the world to roast and distribute to shops and stores. ECR is focused on not only providing high-quality coffee but doing so in a socially responsible way. They purchase coffee beans directly from growers to be sure they are compensated properly and fairly. Read more about Electric City Roasting Co. on our blog.

One of our favorite types of coffee is from Ethiopia. That’s where coffee was “discovered” after all! Head on over to Cocoon Coffee House to experience Ethiopian coffee. You’ll get a steaming hot cup of Electric City Roasting Co.’s Gelena Abaya Yirgacheffe blend, which features floral, ripe berry aromas, balanced acidity, and a creamy body with a persistent chocolate finish. This full-flavored coffee is perfect for your first cup of the day, as well as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Cool Coffee Facts

We’ll end with a few interesting coffee facts you might not know! Feel free to toss these around while you’re standing at the water cooler — or around the coffee pot!

  • There’s an Ethiopian legend that says shepherds first realized the effects of caffeine when they noticed their goats began to “dance” after they ate coffee berries.
  • It’s good to drink coffee/caffeine before a workout. It increases your adrenaline levels and releases fatty acids from fat tissues, which experts say leads to better physical performance.
  • While we’re not sure we want to test this theory, it is said that you don’t need coffee when you first wake up. Your body naturally produces a hormone that helps you feel awake. This hormone, cortisol, is at its highest when you first wake up. Better to wait a little bit when this level begins to decline before drinking your first cup of joe.
  • Coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants in the average diet for Westerners. These antioxidants help the body fight off “free radicals,” chemicals that can cause diseases such as Parkinson’s, Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Don’t forget, in addition to indulging in a delicious cup of coffee at Cocoon Coffee House at the Hawley Silk Mill, you can also buy a bag of Electric City Roasting’s coffee at the Mill Market and brew it yourself at home!