Where to Try Some of the Best Coffee in the World

Best coffee in the worldIf you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen some of those hilarious coffee mugs that basically equate one’s mood to how much coffee they’ve had. If you haven’t, in short, the mugs tell others not to bother said coffee drinker until he or she has consumed at least half of the cup. That said, many coffee lovers agree that the very first cup of coffee in the morning is arguably the best cup of coffee in the world. Want to know what makes it even better?

What makes it even better is when you don’t have to make it yourself. What makes it even better is when you enjoy it in the comfy-cool surroundings of Cocoon Coffee House.

We might be biased, but we consider the coffee at the Cocoon Coffee House some of the best in the world. Nestled in front of the massive Hawley Silk Mill sits an adorable little building that once sheltered the cocoons that supplied the silk for the mill. Today, it is the home of the coffee house, which proudly carries on the legacy in its name. Cocoon Coffee House is open every day 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.

A Little about Electric City Roasting

Cocoon Coffee House sources its coffee exclusively from Electric City Roasting Co. in Scranton, PA. Electric City Coffee Roasting is a company run by Mary Tellie, who is not only a coffee specialist, certified cupper and a licensed Q Grader with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), she’s also a Barista Guild of America Level 1 certified barista. Mary’s company is “all about the bean.” ECR prides itself in bringing the highest quality coffees from around the world to roast and distribute to shops and stores. ECR is focused on not only providing high-quality coffee but doing so in a socially responsible way. They purchase coffee beans directly from growers to be sure they are compensated properly and fairly.

In addition, Electric City Roasting goes above and beyond Certified Fair Trade Practices, which ensures that the price of green coffee exceeds the growers’ costs. Electric City Roasting exceeds the criteria by paying the farmer at least 25% above Fair Trade to leave direct traceability—coffee sold to their customers directly from the farmer.

Specialties at the Cocoon Coffee House

Keeping all of that in mind makes sipping on a delicious cup of coffee or latte even sweeter at the Cocoon Coffee House. Swing by first thing in the morning, or anytime throughout the day whenever you have a craving for coffee. Come in for a cup of the house blend, Blue Moose, a full city roast, on the darker side of medium. It’s the perfect balance of of acidity and smoothness. If you would like to try one of the coffees from the “drip bar,” you can currently choose from selections such as:

  • Nicaragua, Bella Aurora: Raisin, Tamarind and orange aromatics, citrus lime acidity, round body and a delicate finish.
  • Organic Indonesia Sumatra Aceh: Sweet fruit aromatics, lemon-lime acidity, full body, with an earthy finish.
  • El Salvador, El Naranjo: Sweet fruity aroma, notes of ripe red berries and pineapple, clean lemon acidity, with a caramel and chocolate finish.

Coffees served do change with the seasons and based on what Electric City Roasting can find available. That definitely keeps it exciting, as you’ll get to try different coffees from around the world.

Brewing That Perfect Cup at Home

Never fear, you can buy the same coffee used at Cocoon Coffee House at the Mill Market (also located here at the Hawley Silk Mill) and brew a cup of the best coffee in the world right in your own kitchen!


The Silk Mill in Hawley has been a vital part of this community since its construction in 1880. Its many incarnations over the years have included a silk factory, with the foremost technology of the day, a textile factory and antique center. Never has it been more vibrant than today. The vision for the repurposed factory is to have a center that celebrates the lifestyle of the Pocono Lake Region – a place for the residents and visitors alike to shop, gather, eat, exercise, and learn.

The Hawley Silk Mill is located at 8 Silk Mill Drive in Hawley, PA. Come and visit us!

Photo Credit: Fuse / Thinkstock