Workout Anytime at Lake Region Fitness in Hawley

It’s a new day at Lake Region Fitness in Hawley. The gym inside the Hawley Silk Mill launched a 24-hour fitness model meaning members have access to the facilities around the clock.

Make Time

Manager Evan Dorste sees the change as the first of many improvements to come. He recently came on board at Lake Region Fitness and looks forward to making an impact at the facility. The first step is giving members more time to work out. Now early birds and night owls alike have options when it comes to their exercise schedule. Members receive a key card enabling them access to the gym, all the equipment and locker rooms any time of day. Whether you want to get in a pre-dawn sweat session, post dinner work out or a little late night training, Lake Region Fitness caters to unconventional schedules.

Hit Reset

Evan brings years of experience in the fitness industry to Lake Region Fitness. He previously managed luxury health clubs in New Jersey and is an avid volleyball player. Evan spent the last 14 years playing volleyball as well as coaching and training athletes. He looks forward to unleashing the potential of Lake Region Fitness. “I sense the deep community love for this place,” he explains. “We’re going to really lean into our strengths and exceed everyone’s expectations.” Plans include equipment upgrades, exercise classes and special events that merge exercise and the great outdoors.

Check In, Work Out

Guests at The Settlers Inn, Ledges Hotel and Silver Birches also enjoy 24-hour fitness. Access to the gym is part of the resort activities offered at Settlers Hospitality. Those interested in a workout get a keycard at the front desk of their hotel that enables entry for the duration of their stay. Lake Region Fitness is minutes away from all three Hawley properties. Whenever possible, Evan is happy to show newcomers the ropes and offer guidance on workout regimens.

Make Your Move

Lake Region Fitness provides a variety of cardio equipment, from ellipticals and treadmills to stationary bikes and step machines. Equipment is placed near a wall of windows so members may work out overlooking Wallenpaupack Creek Gorge. The other side of the gym is home to a multitude of free weights and weightlifting machines. There are monthly, annual, student and senior membership plans. For more information, call 570-390-4496 or visit