Everything You Need to Know About the Wayne County Arts Alliance

Wayne County Arts AllianceThe arts are a very integral part of the Poconos community. It enriches lives and leaves behind something for future generations to enjoy. The Wayne County Arts Alliance in Honesdale has made it their mission to support the arts in the community. The non-profit organization is governed by volunteer members and artists who are dedicated to creating a dynamic and art-friendly atmosphere. Whether you foster a deep appreciation for the arts or are just searching for something to do in the Poconos, the Wayne County Arts Alliance provides a little something for everyone to enjoy.

The local art community stretches beyond the Wayne County Arts Alliance. Be sure to stop by Hawley Silk Mill and experience the Looking Glass Art Gallery and Studio for even more masterpieces from around the world.

Wayne County Arts Alliance Pledge

In order to make their visions a reality, the alliance pledges to support the arts with professional, educational, and recreational activities. Programs and services are also provided to the youth and adults alike. That way, everyone will have the opportunity to immerse in the local arts.

Meet the Artists

Nearly two dozen artists support the Wayne County Arts Alliance and participate in its yearly events. The alliance welcomes painters, sculptors, photographers, and many more talented creatives to join their team. Here are just a few featured artists that are heavily involved in the Poconos’ artistic community.

  • Gloria Hilbert Forelli (Painter and Photographer): Using traditional and realist designs, Gloria brings atmospheric dimensions to her still lifes, portraits, and photography.
  • Chip Forelli (Photographer): This artist uses the inspiration he finds in unrevealed visual gifts to create his fascinating work.
  • Michael Lichtenstein (Pen and Ink): Michael says using pen and ink has always been his calling. His passion shows throughout the beautiful masterpieces he creates.
  • Richard Lichtenstein (Sculptor, Blacksmith, Painter, Jeweler): This accomplished artist combines his variety of talents to create stunning pieces of art with their own personalities.
Wayne County Arts Alliance Studio Tour

Each year, the Wayne County Arts Alliance hosts an exciting Studio Tour. This event invites people of the community to meet the region’s best artists in their own studios or select art spaces. The tour begins at the Artists’ Studio Tour Exhibit and the Headquarter at the Dorflinger Factory Museum and Arts Center. Here, guests will view artworks from each of the 18 featured artists. Knowledgeable volunteers also make themselves available to help you map out your tour.

This is the alliance’s premier event and acts as a catalyst for establishing the organization. Visitors also enjoy the rare opportunity to visit with the artists to discuss their inspirations, techniques, and philosophies.

Though the dates for the 2017 Wayne County Arts Alliance Studio Tour have yet to be announced, here is a map from the 2016 event to give you a head start.  

Experience and Shop for Local Art During Your Visit to Hawley Silk Mill

Though our historic silk mill boasts a variety of different attractions, our support for the arts is evident to any who visit us. We are the proud home of the Looking Glass Art Gallery, an outstanding collection of beautiful pieces from artists all over the world. You will also find plenty of shopping opportunities in Art on the Edge. This inviting store featuring lovely art, fashion, gifts, and more. Hawley Silk Mill is also the lovely music venue for Harmony Presents and host for the popular Mill Market and Cocoon Coffee House. Add us to your Hawley must-do list and we look forward to welcoming you soon!